What you should know when buying a domain



Currently, for a business to boom and become successful, it need to possess a domain name. Before registering your business with a domain name, here are some factors to consider.



Pick the preeminent registrars found in the internet.



The internet is filled with many domain registrars, but the issue will be that these registrars aren’t accredited by ICANN. If you make the error to buy their domain, issues will arise when you want to bundle your domain with to other service providers, which in turn will bar you from carrying out other configurations as the business expands.



Make a point of registering the domain for a period of 3-5 years



If your aim is to put up a business, go forward and buy a domain name registered for an estimative future of three to five years. Registering for the first time is normally cheap, meaning that registering for a period of five years will be saving your cash at the end of the day. Also, this exempts you from the burden of credit card updating when there are changes or renewing each year.



Opt for Domain Privacy Protection



As a matter of fact, when you are registering a domain, the information you avail like name, email address, and the telephone number will by default be openly visible. But when you pay a certain fee for privacy protection, the service provider will block your information from being seen. This is advantageous because it bars lots of spam emails, phishing attacks, snail mail, and phone calls.



Choose a domain that is a non-www rather than a www.



Setting up your new domain as a non-www is very strategic. This is because with the advancing technology, many users prefer not to type the www. By you using a non-www, your DNS will prevent them from being redirected, and also to cut the reloading time of the page when there is traffic.



Come up with a password that is secure, then save it where you cannot lose it



It is not a secret that password hacking on the internet is a true story. Phishing hackers can hijack your domain and ask you to pay a ransom. To prevent this from happening, make sure when setting up a password, you make it strong with letters, numbers and some special characters, so that the domain cannot be hacked easily.



Never attempt registering a domain that has a SEO keyword



It is very important to select a domain name for your business which is very attractive and descriptive at the same time. The perfect domain name would be that that has the businessname.com. If you choose a domain name that does not reflect your business, or it does not sound trustworthy, users will never want to even open your page.



Obtain a HTTPs Certificate



You can get this certificate from your webhost or from the registrar. But it’s very important to recall that you will enjoy the benefits of this HTTPs certificate only if you construct a website that allows SSL/TLS. If not, then you won’t be able to benefit from any of its advantages.

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